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YES!! Turner is 14 and Addie is 12 (tween) :)

We make all of soap by hand in our secret soap lab in Maryland. We make it the old-fashion way with stuff you probably have in your kitchen pantry. We add the all-natural oils with lye, cutting into teen sized bars and wait 30 days for it to cure. This method is called cold-process soap making. A process that you won't likely see being used by the brands on your local grocery store shelves. Those cheap nasty chemical filled bars aren't really even soap.

We use a super secret blend of all-natural oil (not all that secret)

Olive Oil

Coconut Oil

Palm Oil

Caster Oil

Sometimes Almond and Shea Butter

We also use pure therapeutic grade essential oils to give our soap an out of this world scent. However, we don't put a ton in, some soap have way too much and can irritate sensitive skin.

If you keep them dry, they should last about a month with daily use. We are currently designing a super cool wood soap dish they will guarantee your soap will have a long full life. 

That will make us sad :(

But! We will make it right! Just send us an email and we will send you a soap that you will most likely love or we will refund your money. 100% Happy Guaranteed.

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